Gene Bingle has lived in Jax Beach for about 15 years. He loves the beach and is addicted to the game of beach volleyball. His passion for this game goes beyond the norm. It’s normal to play and love the game, but his love for coaching and learning everything he can about the techniques of the game sets him apart and keeps him up late at night… literally!

He watches AVP matches on YouTube well into the evening on most nights just to catch the latest strategies and to soak up everything he can each 24 hours about beach volleyball so that he’s prepared to coach the players he has during his ongoing private beach volleyball lessons.

Gene has been working with Amelia for about 3 years and she has grown up to be an amazing player by listening to Coach Gene, and playing right along with him!

Anyone who works with Gene will benefit from his passion, and love for the game. He was a born teacher, and loves to explain the technique used behind most everything he does. This is what makes him such a great coach, he breaks the game down into digestible bites and takeaways that players who’ve worked with him have learned to love about working with Gene. They can’t find this anywhere else!

He loves seeing the potential in a new player that they don’t even know they have. He has worked at all levels so he’s able to work with someone who’s picking up the ball for the first time, someone who’s interested in playing for fun all the way to the person who needs training prior to an upcoming match who needs to get some reps in with Gene.

Gene is also a very mindful and spiritual being so he includes yoga stretching and breathing as a part of his coaching and personal practice. He knows that yoga has kept him playing for decades and encourages his players to incorporate it into their play and practice.

Gene would love to work with you, and you’ll love working with Gene, seriously he’s the best in Jax Beach.

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